ToDo - List

  • display the content of Threema, Facebook and Viber database
  • show emoticons in text messages (SMS/iMessages)
  • read and display pictures on devices with 'JailBreak' via WiFi
  • for newcomers: import Android & BlackBerry data and display iPhone-like Tongue
  • compression and protection of the extracted database, with a password
  • build a list of files, that iTwin should add to the backup (highscores, config files)
  • allow to edit contacts and sync them back, using a vCard attached to an eMail
  • read, save and display passwords and login-data (WiFi, Safari)
  • access eMails, stocks and weather
(Sorted by priority)

A personal note:
As you can see, there are quite a few things to do and despite the fact, that I am always interessted in new ideas on how to improve iTwin, I want you to bear in mind that:

iTwin is a one-man-hobby-project !

The development with the help of Delphi 2010 Professional / SQLite, as well as the complete graphical design are time-consuming like hell. The trilingual web site, based on the content managment systems Drupal was also everything but easy. I am already trying to be as quick and accurate as possible, so please don't complain if something is not perfect straightaway. My test environment is also quite simple (1x iPod Touch, 1x iPhone 5 and hopefully an iPhone 6 soon) and at best, it covers only a small part of all possible situations. Finally: Do not underestimate your role in this project, because it is widley known and should be common sense that:

Motivation is everything !

Greetings ...

The author