Screenshots: iTwin in action

These screenshots illustrate the capabilities of iTwin.

iTwin Screenshots
Contact incl. contact details, Messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), agenda, notes, photos and birthdays.

SMS, MMS, iMessage HTML-Export

Export of text messages (SMS,MMS, iMessage) as HTML-file.

The registered version of iTwin enables you to export your text messages in numerous formats. (Click on the corresponding symbol for a preview)

  • Export text messages as a PDF-file You need to print out a complete message dialog as a present, or for a conclusive assurance process? The PDF document is the perfect template for that, including pictures and iMessages with two columns on each page.
  • SMS.html A simple html-file with many advantages. You can finally carry your former conversations with you all the time. The presentation was visually inspired from the original bubble design. Images are integrated directly as thumbnail previews to keep everything in one file.
  • SMS.html You need to save your text messages as a picture and edit it afterwards with your favorite photo editing software? Then the png-export is the right choice for you.
  • Need your messages as a simple text-file? Choose to export as plain text and you are set. It is that simple!

Hint: To watch data at anytime, an application like 'Files Pro' or the free version 'Files lite' comes in quite handy. In combination with one of those or a similar app, you can now do a fresh setup of a new device, or perform an iOS update, without worrying about losing anything.