News and announcements about iTwin

  • It's now been over a year since I've released a new Final Version. Shame on me I know, but six Beta versions during that time are also worth something ... Fully compatible with the new iOS7, as well as numerous visual and functional highlights is still my basic concept for the new version v3.5 Final. Consistent development in addition to plenty of performance and stability improvements should and will hopefully place iTwin in front of the growing number of competitors. They are trying hard aswell ... Wink But when it comes to functionality and general handling, I can still sit back and relax. However, promising great features as well as combining expensive product packages, that's what they can definitely do better. Anyway, competition is good for the business as we all know, so judge for yourself. Feedback is always welcome .

  • The time has come ... Shortly after the release of the new iOS6, iTwin is now able to read and access the new databases. Todays update to version v3.4 Final (as always free for all registered users) now detects any existing WhatsApp database, bringing your WhatsApp conversations directly into iTwin.
    Among the export formats, you will now find the option to export your contacts as one PDF file. The result is a mini phone book including the main phone numbers and email addresses of your contacts. This short reference is, when printed quite useful. Give it a try ...
    Countless bug fixes and many improvements based upon your feedback, were also build into this update. I am happy to anounce, that this version of iTwin is by far the best one I have made so far! Smile Thanks must go to all registered users, that contributed hundreds of hours of my work.

  • Development is still in progress! I am aware of the fact, that there is no news for the last months but iTwin is still under constant development and I should be able to release the next beta-version within the next days/weeks. Many users asked for WhatsApp support and I am happy to show you now an early screenshot already.
    Let me explain why there is such a long delay. Well, this is a hobby-project that I build during my leisure, which was quite rare in the last weeks. Further more I had to do some research first and many experiments before I could start coding. The internet wasn't really usefull here, because there is only little information WhatsApp wise so I had to build it from the scratch. Long conversations hit some memory-limits, so I was forced to rethink may routines. The rest was stuff like bugfixes due to constant feedback from numerous users. Meanwhile I solved almost every problem I came along and only my perfectionism is holding me back now ... But, stay tuned and prepare yourself for the next upcoming version ... you will be amazed! Smile

  • Apple has just released the new iOS5 some days ago. Again, I had to face numerous changes in pretty much every database. I'm already working hard on it, to make sure that all modifications are free of bugs and that iTwin will still stay backwards-compatible.
    I have just been made aware of some errors (Bereichsfehler/Zugriffsverletzung), if iTwin is forced to read the new iTunes v10.5 tables. The new (and hopefully bug-free) version of iTwin v3.3 will be available on my download-site in just a few days, including some very nice and interesting new features. At this point I would also like to thank you all very much for your patience and your support.

  • Peng! That was almost half a year ... The new version of iTwin is now online. Finally! There were times, where I had so many construction zones, that I thought I would never make it. Tired Now, I am more than happy to present an all-new, more stable and faster, bugfixed and feature extended version of iTwin! Totally necessary as a preparation for all upcoming things like pictures, WhatsUp and Facebook support. I am also happy, for having finished many user proposals. Things like message-export as pdf-file, aswell as search for contact names. The latter, nicely built into the surface without wasting space. Maybe Apple is looking for a creative and highly motivated programmer!?! Glasses

  • Finally !!! The new version v3.0 is online. Due to extensive beta-testing it is running rock-stable. Uff ... what a work ! The top highlights that are worth looking at: iOS4-support, complete export, unicode and numerous optical improvements. You can get more details by taking a closer look at the history. Hopefully your patience will get rewarded. Have fun with an all new version of iTwin.
    Next will be some homepage brushup. It has definitely too much text on it, which scares away many users. Further on I will make a guide for mac-users, how to use iTwin via Parallels or VirtualBox. When the iPhone is broken or gets stolen/lost, and a user urgently needs to have access to his/her data, even the wildest mac-user is willing to take Windows into account, at least for a short time. Wink
    If you are a native speaker of a foreign language, then please take a look at the 'iTwin\lang-folder'. In case your language-file is still missing and you can build one (e.g. Turkish or Japanese etc.) or you find a mistake in one of the files, then please contact me via eMail. Thanks a lot !

  • Translation still to go ...

  • Translation still to go ...

  • OK, lets go ahead ... iTwin 2.1 Final is now the latest version ! The biggest new feature is the MMS-support, which was introduced with OS3.0 from Apple. Text and pictures are now shown within the SMS-dialog. As usual, you will find the complete list of changes under 'History'. My website has now a 'Things ToDo' menu-entry, so that you can see on which part I am presently working on. The higher the entry, the higher the priority is and therefore the chances of that feature to be finished when the next version is ready. The languages-files besides German and English are a little behind the schedule, but that is partially your laziness aswell Wink New language added (2.1 + 1.6) is Portuguese.

  • The good news first: iTwin 2.0 is under 'heavy' development and will be available for beta-testing very shortly. There will be many visual and functional improvements ... You will be amazed ! The bad news is concerning the 'donation-concept' which I must consider as FAILED. Over 15.000 Downloads and a total donation of 17 Euro are in no relation ! The new shareware-concept will start with iTwin 2.0. But don't be afraid, the price for the unrestricted version will be so low, as already known from good App-Store applications. I regret this step, because initially I hoped that the donation-idea would work for both sides. However the version 1.6 will be permanently available in the future and of course free of charge.

  • 'iTwin V1.6 Final' is ready. Despite a few bugfixes, the SMS and Notes - Export in HTML or plain text format is the big 'Highlight' of this version. Possible situation: Some SMS have been (accidentally) deleted, but should be nevertheless displayed on your iPhone. In this case it is now possible with iTwin to do an HTML-Export using an older backup and then show them on your iPhone-Safari. iPhone-Apps like 'FilesLite' or 'FileAid' will then be useful for the Import.
  • First Feedback shows an Error-Message, when you try to save outside the iTwin-folder, especially with the SMS-Export. Solution: Use the iTwin-Program-Folder for saving your Export-Files only.

  • After a long bug-search I have now released a new version for download. 'iTwin V1.5 Final'. Many thanks to all the beta-testers who supported me during the last days. If you like to receive an eMail whenever a new (beta-)version is ready, then please sign up on this site and you will be automatically informed.

  • I just uploaded 'iTwin-Version V1.4 Final'. Take a look at the History and place your Feedback as usual in the forum. Of course you can contact me via eMail aswell.

  • The new iTwin-Version 'V1.3 Final' is finished. Please post Your feedback in the forum, for the benefit of everybody. All changes are listed on the History-Site.

  • My website is finally 'online'.
  • The forum, the guestbook and the contact-form should be up and running aswell.
  • The whole site is multilanguage. Presently you can choose between German and English.

  • The actual iTwin-Version 'V1.2 Final' is now available under Downloads.