Instructions: How to read an iPhone / iTunes backup

Read out the iTunes backup for all devices without JailBreak:

read iTunes backup After a successful installation, either via Setup.exe or by extracting the content of the zip-file to a place of your choice, we can now start with the import of your data. If the program 'iTunes' as well as the backup-files of an iPhone/iPod Touch is found on your system, the 'Copy Files'-Button under the tab 'Import' is active and you can now read your data. The actuality of the databases, will obviously depend on your last backup date. The dropdown box will show you all valid devices found, during the start of iTwin. If iTunes and all the necessary backup-files are not found on your system, then the 'Copy Files'-Button is not enabled.
Important: iTwin will access your databases on a read-only basis without changing or modifying anything !

With JailBreak:

read iPhone with jailbreak If you have a device that is 'jailbroken' and therefore directly reachable via Wi-Fi, you can access your actual data through your wireless network. It is necessary to 'ping' your device first, in order to clearly identify it under the given IP-Address. The copy-process can only be started, if your iPhone/iPod Touch is found and correctly displayed in the status. If no valid device is found, the 'Copy-Files'-button will not be enabled. In this case you have to check first, that your iPhone/iPod Touch is properly switched on. Then you have to verify that the IP-Address of your device is identical to the one you entered in the appropriate field. You can find that number anytime on your device under 'Settings/Wi-Fi/YourNetwork'.
Tip: In the docking-station, the iPhone/iPod Touch will be constantly available in your network, even when the display is switched off !

import iPhone databases After pressing the 'Copy-Files'-button the actual databases will be copied using your wireless network connection. The copy-progress will be displayed in the 'Status'-window. The duration varies depending on filesize and transfer-speed. This process can be aborted anytime by pressing the 'escape'-key. After a successful transfer, the databases will be instantly activated and displayed via iTwin.
Hint: The iTwin program folder has a 'data'-subfolder, which is the destination-directory. A unique folder, is created for each completed transfer, consisting of the 'date' and the 'device-name'. If the directory including some database-files already exists, nothing will be overwritten in case you start another reading attempt. You should not need to give iTwin admin rights, however if you run into problems you can run the program with admin rights by right clicking the icon and choosing 'Run as Administrator'.

iTwin settings You can find a dropdown-box under 'Settings', with all the available databases. Now you can switch between the various backups and easily explore the content of e.g. different devices.