Import: iTwin assists you to restore your data - This is how to do it:

As this question is constantly coming up, here is a short tutorial: A few days ago I had to setup a new device for a friend. With iTwin you already have your data, so you just have to move it back to your device. The following description is valid not only for the iPhone, but for the iPad and the iPod Touch as well, even if I do only talk about the iPhone. So, to restore your data with iTwin you have the following options:

1. With JailBreak:

If your device is "JailBroken" then you just have to copy the databases to the correct place on your iPhone. The program WinSCP comes in quite handy for that task. You have to copy for example the "AddressBook.sqlitedb" located in the data-folder of iTwin, into the following folder on your iPhone: /var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/ overwriting any earlier version of that file. A backup of the original file is always a good idea, though. Finally you have to set the correct rights (0777) of that file with WinSCP by pressing the F9 key, or doing a rightclick on it and select "Properties". All set. You can do the same thing with all the other files as well by analyzing the folder structure starting from this point: /var/mobile/Library/ Doing a restart of the iPhone right after each copy process might be a good idea, even though it shouldn't be necessary. I recommend a restart of the device at least after you have finished, because the iOS has to do some adjustments and might also extend those databases depending on their current version.

2. Without JailBreak:

Import eMail

Import a vCard via eMail

The vcf-file attached to an eMail:

If you have an original device without JailBreak, you can do the following: Use iTwin to export all your contacts as one vCard and mail that file, as an attachment to your own eMail-address. When opening this attachment on your iPhone, you can either select one, or even all contacts in one go, in order for the iPhone to write them into your address book. Attention: This process might even take a few minutes, depending on the device and the number of enties.


Import via iPhone

Import of contacts.

The iPhone is doing the import:

Here you can see the dialog after you have tapped on the eMail attachtment. You can select all, or single contacts to be entered into your address book. If the export file was created including contact pictures, then those are automatically added as well. Quite useful and done within seconds, depending on the number of contacts.


Import via iPhone

Import of an ICS-file via eMail.

The calendar as an ics-file:

Calendar entries can be added to your iPhone in the same way as described above. Just use iTwin to export your agenda as one ics-file (iCal) and mail it to yourself. It is also possible to edit this file in advance, so that a fresh calendar is not immediately filled up with unnecessary events e.g. those, that have already expired. As it is a simple text file you can use any texteditor for that.


Notes: Not only the agenda (ics) but also the business cards (vcf) are in the end plain text files and are therefore easy to edit with Notepad or similar text editors. One reason why I did not offer this feature in iTwin itself. If you encounter problems with umlauts (ö, ä, ü ...), or you have to use extended character sets (Chinese, Cyril ...) then make sure, that you have chosen the right export-codepage. In this case, iTwin gives you the option to switch to e.g. "Unicode", before exporting the file.