F.A.Q. List

Question: Sometimes it happens that I'm not able to see my recent text messages with iTwin, even though I just synchronized my device. How can I display the missing entries?
Answer: The corresponding database in your device has an internal buffer. You have to force your iPhone to write those changes (usually your latest entries) to the database first. This can easily be done by quitting the message application via the iPhone-taskmanager (double-tap on homebutton). All messages will then be saved to the database and are later part of the iTunes-backup aswell.
Question: I had to reset the software on my device. Now I want iTwin to restore my databases (contact/text messages/calendar etc.) back to my device. Is this possible?
Answer: It is possible ... but (as of now) not with iTwin. The databases are in the correct format and need to be copied, e.g. with WinSCP into the corresponding folders (JailBreak only). Details can be found on Google.
Question: Is iTwin able to read an encrypted iTunes-backup?
(Error: "file is encrypted or not a database")
Answer: Sorry, but iTwin cannot do that even if you would know the password. Apple does not publish any information on how they are doing the encryption. So, if the iTwin window stays empty, then verify these settings.
Question: When I try to read the databases via 'openSSH' on a device with 'JailBreak' it shows the error 'Device: Unknown'. What now?
Answer: Most likely the protocol openSSH is missing on your device. You can find further details for this installation in 'Cydia' application.
Question: How can I change the language of iTwin?
Answer: Goto the 'Einstellungen'-tab, then select 'Sprachen' and finally choose your desired language.
Question: Is iTwin also able to read the databases from an iPod Touch or an iPad?
Answer: Yes sure. Except for the text-message database (iOS < 5) which is not available on those devices.
Question: What are the restrictions of the shareware version when compared to the full version of iTwin?
Answer: You can only display the first half of your contact list, (about A-M) aswell as just recent text messages. All export features are available to registered users only. After buying the full version, all the missing functions will be enabled, with the help of a "KeyFile". No new installation of iTwin is necessary.
Question: Is the registration of iTwin also valid for all upcoming versions and updates?
Answer: To put it in a nutshell: YES! One registration is enough.
Question: I think, I found a software-bug in iTwin ... what now?
Answer: My forum is definitely the best place to talk about those problems and maybe a solution already exists. You are also welcome to send me an email, or simply use the contact form at anytime.
Question: Why is this F.A.Q. now at the end?
Answer: Because once again, it is quite late and I urgently need some sleep now ... Cool