THE backup solution for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Backup, export and print your contacts, photos, calendar, text messages / iMessages / WhatsApp-dialogues and notes


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The most important features:

Create a backup of your contacts, text
messages and photos without iTunes!

Access any iPhone or iPad,
with no need for a JailBreak!

Print your text messages / iMessages
as a gift or even for evidence in court!

Watch your photos and videos
on your monitor with full resolution!

Take advantage of numerous export-
for many different purposes!


Incredibly fast and small!
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iTwin - Description in detail:
  • iTwin is a program for the Windows PC, that will show the content of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch databases with a quite familiar look & feel. Finally you have a backup for your contacts, text messages (sms), calendar entries, notes and caller-history. In addition iTwin will generate a birthday-list including zodiacs from your contact details.
  • iTwin can get access to your databases in two different ways. First, you can read out your device using any WiFi network. (jailbroken iPhones only) The second way, works by analyzing your iTunes-backup-files, where it is not necessary to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

New opportunities with iTwin:
  • You can now organize different backups, with the opportunity to just look up something, even without your hands on the iPhone itself. It may stay in the docking station, or maybe it is the device of your partner, and therefore even physically out of reach. iTwin is also very helpful, when your iPhone is broken or has been stolen and you urgently need to know your contact-details or upcoming appointments !
  • Think about a private-backup outside of iTunes, with the option of switching between different device-contents. iTwin will assist you as a backup-viewer, showing every personal entry and finally print your text-messages via a PDF-file!

iTwin - A project under constant development !
  • Looking at the ToDo-List, you get a good impression of the potential of this neat little tool and the things to come. All necessary modifications to support the latest devices from Apple will be done very close to their release.